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“A real man is someone who knows how to change a diaper.”

“A real man is someone who knows how to change a diaper.”
“Oh really?” I pipe up. “Well I changed many diapers when my Mum had her Daycare, and nobody accused me of being manly! And when she was too hung over to get out of bed in the morning, I used to have to miss school just to keep the ball rolling! I didn’t have girls like Chris telling me how crazy they were about my masculinity. No, Chris basically giggled when the guys called me a faggot, which is what you really call a man who knows how to change a diaper. But that’s all right. What do I care? My two best friends were murdered in front of me, and one of them was a dog. How pathetic is that? And I let it all go by. Didn’t take a swing. That’s how manly I am.”
The room is very quiet. Not even Billy is making a sound. Someone is sobbing though, and to my surprise, I realize that someone is me.
“Next thing you will tell us is that a man is someone who is not afraid to cry”, I cry.
My head is on the table and I am too ashamed to make eye contact with anyone. To make it worse, I notice that Sandra’s glass bubble is cracked and dripping on the front of my shirt, probably from pulling Billy off Helene. I stink in so many ways.
“Smelly Telly! Smelly Telly!”
So Helene dismisses class. I’ve really done it. Disrupted class, told my teacher off, and made a spectacle of myself. To make things worse she puts her arm around me, which of course sets off another crying jag. I am so alone. I have nobody now.
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