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THE PLAY IS VERY, VERY GOOD!!!! SO MANY GREAT LINES!!!! Laugh out loud and intelligent! Baila Miller, Ringling College of Art & Design

Art and Jo literally live in a house divided. Jo has decided to leave Art to his unsuccessful writing career which has bankrupted them both. Between cat fights and nude portraits, it will take Halloween visits from a genuine eccentric as well as an art forger to set them right. It features four characters, one set, and asks, Was Jesus a vegetarian? Can you experience the past life of someone who is still alive? Is it cruel and inhumane punishment…

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With Xmas looming, what better time to find worthwhile charities with which to share your seasonal blessings! Here are nine you might consider: Restaurant Feline Rescue This charity locates feral cats and matches them with owners willing to swallow the expenses of adoption.. These kitties are placed in a warm inviting environment and surrounded with food. They are treated as special, daily. Even tough customers tend to swallow when they reflect on, and digest the end result of this adoption…

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Archives Excerpts From Self Help For Other People Featured Free Stuff!


DOC: OMG, she’s about to give birth right in my office! MOM: So deliver it already! DOC: Only specialists do that these days. I could get sued if things go wrong! MOM: I delivered you myself in the back of a taxi! Stand back! Why Doctors’ Moms doing the work of a Nurse Practitioner? Harken back to a time when your Mom was the first person you came to when you had a “boo-boo” or an “ouchie”, the flu, a…

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