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Jason Dark is depressed and suicidal.  His latest play, Last Moments, has been rejected and his optimistic, movie buff, grammarian  Ma is the Happy Valley  Nursing Home tramp, currently curling the toes of boyfriend Buck, a Wasp centenarian who believes himself to be black.  Jason hasn’t slept in a bed since his father tried to smother him, and thus has yet to make love to his fiancee/therapist, Val.  Val has designs  on Happy Valley owner Forbes and on Ma’s inheritance. …

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VITO A playwright? Back when I was incarcerated, if you were, like, a model prisoner, which I was, they used to take us out to the theatre district. You know, we lived for those field trips! They would get cheap tickets for some play that stunk so bad they couldn’t give them away. Know what I mean? They thought they were torturing us. Well, one night we’re watching this musical, Tastes Like Chicken. Hey! You got the poster! You do…

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. VITO Like, Gladys who I ain’t seen since I was in high school, walks into the room. It’s a life drawing class, and I’m posing, see, just trying to make a few honest bucks straight out of prison. I got my back to her but of course she recognizes me. I guess you could say I’m hard to forget that way. So I says to her, “I loved you as Gladys way before you ran away from home. Now,…

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