from Splendiferous


Chip puts down the laptop and removes a device from his belt. It looks like what Mum uses to check her blood sugar.
“What’s that?”
“Looks like you’re getting chipped, my son” says Uncle Claude.
In spite of everything, am I the only person who thinks it’s kind of funny that a guy named Chip is about to chip me?
“I’m not letting a total stranger mess with me! It’s supposed to be a family member!”
Suddenly Uncle Claude is looking good. It’s supposed to be a touching little birthday coming-of-age ceremony where your Dad chips you under supervision, and then everybody has ice cream and cake.
“But I’m not a total stranger” says Chip. “Don’t you remember? I lived on your street in Harbor Town. You were a tiny pain in the butt even at the age of four.”
“So you’re the original Chip off the old block?”
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