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The Food Bank Teller was not surprised to see a client approaching his cage wearing a bandana over her face.  This was common what with the shortage of surgical masks. Was she new? Couldn’t tell. She stopped at the designated line. Most clients were using the delivery service so it was refreshing to see a real human being barely six feet away from the sole guy holding down the Food Bank fort. He was so lonely  And she was flat out gorgeous.

“This is a stick-up!”


“You heard me!  And I wouldn’t touch that silent alarm button if I was you! When was the last time you wiped it down?”

The Teller froze.  It had been a while.

She tossed him a couple of grocery bags.

“Fill ‘em up!  Nice and slow. And keep your hands where I can see them! Now empty your drawers!”

“Which drawers?  My drawers?”

“Don’t play dumb with me!  You know perfectly well which drawers!  Fill those bags to the top. No skimping.”

The teller didn’t budge.

“Bags could be infected!”

She had a pleasant enough laugh.

“Hell, I could be infected!  And I might even feel a sneeze coming on.  So don’t even think about out-running my droplets.””

Once more the teller froze.

Then he opened the drawer.

“Not that one! The good stuff!”

My God she knows where the good stuff is!  It must be an inside job.

‘You actually think I would be OK with the milk chocolate?  Do I look stupid to you?”

Actually she looked statuesque to him.

“You try something like that again, I’m gonna have to grab you and stick my tongue down your throat!  How would you like that?”

The teller’s face was a battlefield of mixed emotions. Fear triumphed.

“You feeling lucky, punk?”

“Please don’t touch my face!  I have elderly grandparents!”

“You want to visit Gramps down at the Worm Farm?”

“No, no! I’ll do anything you say!”

“The good stuff!. The dark chocolate.  At least 75% cocoa” No dye packs!

“OK, OK!”

Both bags were filled to the brim. Did he detect a smile forming under that bandana?  She came forward to receive them He didn’t back off. Her perfume overwhelmed him. Was it Spray Nine?  As she turned away, he felt his lips forming the words.

“Could you come back tomorrow?”

“Why would I do that?”

“Donation coming in. I promise I’ll save you some.  It’s three-ply!”

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