from Splendiferous

“Hi fellas!” says Sam. “Whatcha making?”

“Hi fellas!” says Sam. “Whatcha making?”
“Don’t look structurally sound to me. You need to reinforce it!”
“That’s what I was just saying”.
“He’s right, fellas.”
“Whatta you know about it?”
“You’re looking at a Braun graduate, boys! Engineering. Got a doctorate!”
“Well you’re looking at Doctor Death, Doctor! Unless you can use your degree to engineer your escape before tomorrow!”
This brings huge laughs from the Watch boys, but not so much from Chris and I. Once more, I’m a mute Eddie Gaedel, watching four pitches go by without so much as a single swing, flashing back to Nestor and the Square.
“You better hurry up and build two more,” says Engineer Sam. “That will never support the three of us.”
“Four of you.” says a Watch boy. “Don’t worry. You’re going to be taking turns, one at a time. And no pushing in line!”
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