from Splendiferous

My woman? They’re gonna hang my woman?”

My woman? They’re gonna hang my woman?”
“Old Lady Drambach is your woman? Since when?”
“You don’t know everything, Little Fella. Mrs. Drambach and I got to know each other real well when I was going over the WonderBuckle with her.”
“How well?”
“Well enough that she let me put it on her so it would work just right! And it did!”
“That was your relationship?”
“No, Mrs. Drambach got in the habit of coming over and courting me.”
“She was courting you.”
“Yes she was, and I am very much disturbed at this news. Please excuse me.”
“No wonder he couldn’t crack the code” says Helene. “He’s in love!”
“I dare say there’s a physiological factor at play whereby in moments of passion, the blood departs the cranium and heads for the nether regions. Often it is quite slow to return.
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