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“Ah, there’s the rub”  Get it?  Anyway, for a wife she’s a great masseuse. She’s a great audience. A great listener. But Lou has her quirks, like everyone else. We can all be irritating at times, can’t we? Ouch. That’s a sore spot. Go easy Now I’m quite the homebody, except when I’m at rehearsal. Not her. But If she’s having an affair, she’s got to be the greatest actress in the world. Even if she were, I would never leave her. I love her too much. You know, you get lonely sometimes with nobody to talk to. Often I’ll catch myself lying in our bed, staring up at that mirror, talking to myself. I actually rehearse my lines that way. I’ll call her, but the calls get dropped in the middle of our conversation. And it’s not like she can’t afford a better phone. She never seems to lack for money that’s for sure. She inherited a pile, she tells me. Unfortunately I inherited piles too. From my father. Hemorrhoids can be quite painful actually. Yeah, right there. Careful. Ooh! That exact spot is where I go to recall a sense memory for expressing pain on stage. I literally have to goose myself. Worked really well for me In King Lear..  By the way you are certainly-


Rubbing you the right way?


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