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Why my universe in Splendiferous is better than yours.

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“You shouldn‘t assume. That will get you into trouble.”
Adults love to say that. Back in Grade Twelve, Old Lady Drambach used to write ‘ass u me’ on the board to make the point that you make an ass of you and me if you assume stuff. She thought she was getting pretty hardcore with ‘ass’ so she always put it in quotes. Maybe she thought she was dodging a lashing offence. The Watch can do that on the spot, if they hear you swear, and They get to decide what counts as a swear word. So we Ponytails are forced to swear in code.
Anyway, don’t we learn by making assumptions? Are we so afraid of mistakes that we can’t learn from them? Like Old Lady Drambach should have realized she made a mistake when she signed up for Grade Twelve English. But she taught it year after year. We assumed she was stupid.
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