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As soon as the door was unlocked, a huge mountain of a man

As soon as the door was unlocked, a huge mountain of a man, beard and all, rushed forward and put his massive arms around Helene! Then he plastered his body against hers in a bear hug, culminating with a kiss on her lips!
“Girlfriend! My girlfriend!”
The guy was old enough to be my father.
“OK Billy. That’s enough.”
“I love my girlfriend! Does my girlfriend love me?”
“We all love you, Billy.”
“And I love you too! Who is this guy?”
“This is my friend Telly.”
“I’m afraid of dwarfs!”
Telly, this is my friend, Billy. Billy, Telly is going to keep you company for a little while.”
“Is he having a time out too?”
“Then it’s not fair! Why I am I having a time out?”
“Don’t you remember Billy? You were in the tunnels again.”
“Was I? Again?”
“We talked about your wandering before.”
“Am I a Wanderer?”
“Yes you are, for sure.”
“I wander around and around and around! Is he your boyfriend?”
“No, Billy. He is just a friend.”
“’Cause if he is your boyfriend, that would make me really mad!”
“I’m not her boyfriend!”
“Who asked you? He looks like a tiny Frankenstein! I’m scared!”
“He hurt himself. It will all heal up.”
“Oh. Will you read me a story?”
“I’m sorry, my friend. I am very busy.”
‘Please? Pretty Please? Pretty Please with a cherry on top?”
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