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With Xmas looming, what better time to find worthwhile charities with which to share your seasonal blessings! Here are nine you might consider:

  1. Restaurant Feline Rescue

This charity locates feral cats and matches them with owners willing to swallow the expenses of adoption.. These kitties are placed in a warm inviting environment and surrounded with food. They are treated as special, daily. Even tough customers tend to swallow when they reflect on, and digest the end result of this adoption process.

  1. The Organization For Therapeutic Hunting

The Foxhunt was outlawed in Great Britain in 2005. Many aristocrats, deprived of getting pleasure through cruelty, still suffer prolonged bouts of depression that no amount of Dom Perignon can ever cure. Your contribution sends sufferers to the Florida Everglades where they are taught to hunt the Burmese Python. Success is such that few ever return to their native land.

  1. The Robin Hood Legal Fund For Auto Redistribution

Today, more than ever, auto manufacturers at auto shows and in showrooms are exhibiting cars that capture the imagination of all of us. Unfortunately all of us cannot afford the Teslas, the Ferraris, the Jaguars, the Porsches, and the Mercedes that we so admire. This Society redistributes such luxury vehicles to aficionados who normally would never be able to afford them, but who are much better able to appreciate them! Your money allows our facilitators to withstand legal challenges to their ongoing efforts.

7.Hervard Medical School

Within our lifetimes there has been a wonderful democratization in medicine. No longer do we have to spend long arduous years in person at a real University in order to practice the healing arts. Amazingly, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists and Aromatherapists can be certified as legitimate by insurance companies. Even Homeopaths have come out of the closet.

Unfortunately those who have a science education remain dubious. Criticism by these so-called medical experts has led to a crisis of confidence for many in Alternate Medicine. Some are in desperate need of validation. Your gift will subsidize their three-day intensive online DPS (Doctor of Placebo Science) course, with frameable waiting room diploma. Natural Healers will be able to reassure skeptical clients by stating with pride, “I graduated from Hervard Medical School!”.

  1. Nigerian Foundation For Genetic Diversity

Nigerian royalty has been plagued by over breeding such that many are unable to master simple cognitive tasks without help, such as moving their money out of the country. At one time able to breath through both nostrils they are now down to one, and doomed to solely breath through their mouths for the rest of their natural lives. Easy prey to online scammers, many are bankrupt.

Their only hope is that their offspring not suffer the same fate. Yes, the princes are desperately seeking partners outside the royal circle. But deepening the genetic pool does not come cheap. Hence this cry for charitable help. Contributing to this cause is easy. You don’t have to do a thing other than to send your banking information to us. You determine how many US dollars we withdraw every month and you can cancel at any time.

As a tenth option, let us also recommend you support The Centre For Numeracy. The need speaks for itself!

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