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Marched to Watch Station this side of the Bridge.

Marched to Watch Station this side of the Bridge. Held in room for very long time, then thoroughly examined by doctor. Pronounced in whipping good shape. Am first on the bill. Good, in that I will get it over with. Bad in that I will remain chained to whipping post until fun is over, so largest gap between whipping and medical attention. Am told there are other DateSquares and a SquareDance, the grand finale. Can hear crowd from across the Bridge. Start to shiver.
Frog marched across Bridge to Square by Watch Drill Team and chained to post. Others behind me. Square packed. Stars and Stripes everywhere. Vow not to look at BigScreen. Am six feet from box seats. Occupants very supportive of Porn Dad.
Enter Bishop Coughlin with prayer:
“On this Armistice Day, God bless the savior of the American people. Lord, we have faith, deep and unshakeable faith, that the Leader was sent to us by You to save America.“
Watch Youth Choir sings God Bless America.
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