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Nestor told me that when Council was ordered to bring the Truck Ferry through Port

Nestor told me that when Council was ordered to bring the Truck Ferry through Port, they held an exclusive meeting of ‘stakeholders’ at the Gorge Inn in Harbor Town to plan strategy. Uncle Claude had to persuade Harbor Town residents that although four hundred trucks a day, engines idling, would be routed through the Ghetto, Harbor Town would be untouched, like a virgin for the very first time.
Well Harbor Town didn’t buy it, and Uncle Claude got an earful about it. So the Watch decided it would sponsor the meeting, while Council attended as observers. Watch Stooges were present in case things got out of hand. Moe was to bounce troublemakers coming in the door, with Larry and Curly inside, should something unbecoming occur.
So this Watch Commandant is going on about how the Ferry is going to bring back prosperity to the entire region “although some may make a sacrifice.”
“Little old lady stands up. Waves a sign. ‘No Fairies in Port!’ Spelling off, but heart in the right place. I think,“ Nestor chuckled, in a clicky sort of way.
Nestor said she was standing near the front of the hall, and few could see what she had written, although an audible cheer arose from those who could. Well, didn’t Curly grab the old girl, rip up her sign, and attempt to remove her from the premises!
“But your father took him on. Everyone else sat on their hands. Stooges forget all about the little old lady. Gave him the bum’s rush outside.“
“Great. So why did he walk out on us?”
“Don’t you get it? We never saw him again. Enough said.”
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