I’m in the middle of undressing for bed when she busts in on
me. With the dark glasses and the cane, it doesn’t take a genius to
figure out what her problem is. No wonder the place was such a
“Hello! I’m Katrin. You must be Telly. At least I hope so!”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Your hand feels …tense. It’s OK. You’ll be safe here.”
“It’s not that. I was undressing. I’ll just go finish in the bathroom.”
“You might as well stay where you are. You can see me and my situation. Go ahead!”
But it was a bit uncanny the way she sat on her bed and stared right at me. Finally I got into bed, just as Junior appeared from underneath it and ran towards her.
“Oh a little puppy dog. Come here boy! You are adorable!”
So he did. I couldn’t blame him. Given Kreutzer’s plain looks, she must have been adopted. She was all freckles, with green eyes and copper hair that fell to her
shoulders. She looked like one of those heroines in those books where you get to fly dragons. For a minute or two she just kinda staggered around blindly, so to speak, exploring.Somebody did a great job of tidying up!
I decided to yawn.
“It’s late. Aren’t you going to get ready for bed too?”
“Of course. I’ll use the bathroom.”
“Actually I’m just in here, reading for a bit. I like to do that on the john.”
“Is that why they call you ‘Poop Boy’?”
“You can’t possibly see me. So what’s the problem?”
“Do you have the door open?”
“Have no interest in watching you undress.”
“Must be a tremendous book.”
“Go ahead. I’m engrossed. In what I’m reading. I’m kinda in the middle of things.”
“I don’t smell anything.”
“Yeah, I’m known for that.”
“It’s just the thought of it.”
“Well, I’ll close the door. There!”
Hard to close a bathroom door when you are still in bed. She hadn’t moved a muscle.
“Go ahead. How are you doing?”
“I didn’t hear the bathroom door close.”
“Need some help?”
“No! That’s all right.”
“Wait a second. I’ll turn off the lights.
There. OK, you can go ahead now”
“Are you sure the lights are out?”
“Of course.”
“How can you still be reading?”
“I’m using my tablet.”
“How did you turn the lights off in the bathroom?”
“That’s where the master switch is.”
“I’ve never seen a switch in there.”
“Well, of course not.”
“I didn’t hear a click”
“The lights are off!”
“They don’t feel off.”
“Look, I’ll feel my way over and help you.”
“Any blind girl who can tell that my puppy is male, shouldn’t have any trouble undressing herself!”
“Everyone knows dogs are boys and cats are girls.”
That’s when she took off the glasses, dropped the cane, and commenced with the giggling.

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