How to Improve a Port Paradise

Turn Port into a Mafia Retirement Haven

This is doable.  Many mobsters want to retire in a place away from the media, where they won’t be harassed at their legitimate concrete business by the authorities, who keep asking what happened to Fredo forty years ago.  How are they supposed to know?

These criminals would blend in just fine. They have always been family oriented, and possess a real affinity for places like Port. They know that bodies of water can cover a lot of mistakes.  Just ask Fredo.  But what would this mean to the rest of us? Would we be living in terror?  Would we have to move out?
Of course not.  Those of us who are not mobsters would provide a sort of cover for them and they would provide a sort of protection for us.  For example, suppose you are struggling financially with the ever increasing water bills.
You simply go to your Godfather and explain your situation. You should have come to him before.  He sends a soldier to visit Council..  Do they want to wake up to find a dead perch in their bed?   Problem solved.

The whole water issue would be solved permanently once the Mob infiltrates Council.  After they make an offer that Administration can’t refuse, you can say goodbye to that phony sewer charge too!  All mobsters ask in return is a little respect.  In fact they might ask that “Respect” be sung at the beginning of every Council meeting.  But not the Aretha Franklin version.  More like the Frank Sinatra version.

Council meetings won’t change that much.  The Godfather will explain that the Mob is basically a not-for-profit corporation, not a democracy, and if you don’t like it when they put a toll booth on both sides of the bridge, you’ll be sleeping with the smelt tomorrow.  It’s all about respect.  So we can see we don’t have that much to worry about.  These wise guys are old.

Old but not dead.  Not yet, anyway.  But maybe our spouse catches their eye. Maybe as a potential Mob moll.  They come to us, out of respect.

What are we gonna say?

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