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Turned out that one of the things she did was like, Art Therapy.

Turned out that one of the things she did was like, Art Therapy. Unfortunately she wasn’t showing me her etchings; rather, portraits of men and women in acrylic Day-Glo colors with text running around the air over the head of the subject. Like for a chick it might say, “Bessie lies between William and Maude.” and Bessie might have a bit of a smile on her lips.
That might not do much for you, but William was the street we lived on, and Maude and Bessie were the streets running parallel to the east. I think she must have shown me all fifty pieces she had completed. By this time, Maya was playing contentedly on the floor with Scruff, and the boobs were nowhere in sight.
“So now I do Art for Art’s sake. Just like in Lotus Land.”
“I had a client named Art there. Do I have to paint you a picture?”
I was about to tell her that she could probably sell her paintings in some gallery in Harbor Town, when there was a pounding on the door. Then it burst open, and then there was Chip. Scruffy set to barking, but the baby hardly looked up. Chip’s baby blue was kind of rattling around in its socket. He was sweating and trembling at the same time. I couldn’t tell whether it was fear or anger. He just stood there, squinting at us. Then I noticed he had a Luger in his right hand.
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