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“Why did you attack America?”

“Why did you attack America?”
“Your country had fallen prey to Communists. The Roosevelt faction was driving you into bankruptcy. Unions were full of Communists and their Jewish sympathizers, and were ruining industry with their strikes and violence. It would only have been a matter of time before a revolution took place that would have left you in far worse shape. The best people in America saw this clearly. Now Detroit is your capital, a model city that is held up to the world. The Detroit-New York Autobahn will soon be completed and accessible from here, giving all those present who bought cars somewhere to go!”
This got a bit of a laugh.
“But America belongs to Germany!”
“Do you see swastikas flying over The Land of the Fifty-eight States? You have a freely elected Congress, and a President as always.”
“The President is chosen by Berlin.”
“After consulting with Congress. You know as well as I do that every ten years you can vote to opt out of our arrangement. It comes up again this fall. Last time you voted 95% to continue.”
“Give Coloreds the vote, and then see what happens!”, yells Chris.
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