from Splendiferous

“You beat him up?”

“You beat him up?”
“Yeah, in my room. They brought him up there, went to get entertained and left us together.”
“The guy’s a giant!”
“Well yeah. Tight end on the football team at school! I was hockey.”
“You were at school with Chip?”
“Werner Von Braun. ‘We solve problems. We were roommates. Profs used to call us Chip and Dale, ‘cause that’s my real name!”
“Your real name is Dale?”
“Sam’s just my middle name. Dale Samuel. You wanta know what Chip’s real name is?”
“Chip! He was ROTC.”
“At Braun? The Space Coast? In Florida? You played hockey?”
“Go Rockets!”
He removed his front teeth as proof
“I think that’s how I lost them. I’ll have to ask Chip. We practically did our thesis together, about how Drones had such potential. I gave him some ideas he never even would of thought about. You know, we were quite close until he murdered my family
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